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Early Bird nectar products are formulated to resemble flower nectar making them a natural choice for attracting hummingbird and orioles to your feeder.

Great Features:

  • Attractive bright-colored packaging helps to easily identify between hummingbird and oriole products.
  • Concentrate is easy to mix - just add water.
  • Nectar concentrate powder is easy to store during the off-season.

Tips for Feeding Nectar to Hummingbirds and Orioles

  • It is very important to clean feeders and refill with fresh nectar every two days in hot weather.
  • Only mix as much nectar is needed for your feeders.

Bird Food that set the Standard

Early Bird bird food has the same great quality that you have come to love from Stokes Select bird foods. Early Bird focuses solely on bird food bringing the standard for bird food to a whole new level. Try for yourself to see the improvements!