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Bayer Advanced 3 in 1 Weed & Feed combines both a pre and post emergent herbicide to kill and prevent weeds from germinating for up to 6 months while also fertilizing and strengthening your lawn. This new, innovative product effectively kills existing grassy weeds such as Dandelion, Dollar weed, and Clover while preventing new weeds from germinating including Crabgrass for up to 6 months. 3 in 1 Weed & Feed is a simple, superior solution for creating a green, weed-free lawn all season long. Fertilizer Analysis: 35-0-3. Active Ingredients: Indaziflam, Penoxsulam, Dicamba, Urea, Potassium Solfate, and Sulfur. For use ONLY on Southern turf types such as Bermuda grass, St. Augustine grass, Centipede, and Zoysia grass. Not for use on Bahiagrass lawns. Approved for sale ONLY in NC, SC, TN, GA, AR, OK, TX, LA, AL, MS, FL, NV, and NM.