Attract orioles to your yd. with the Perky-Pet Carnival glass Vintage oriole feeder. The beautiful orange luster finish of the antique glass bottle on this feeder will catch the eye of orioles from all around. Orioles love sugary nectar & are often seen drinking from hummingbird feeders. Provide them with a feeder that was designed to accommodate their size & preferences. The Carnival glass Vintage oriole feeder features a spacious Wrap-Around perch so orioles can easily fit & drink from wherever they choose. The 4 flower feeding ports have slightly larger openings so they are large enough for an oriole's beak & tongue. You will appreciate the sizable bottle opening this feeder offers when it's time for filling & cleaning. Refilling will be mess-free & cleaning will be Super quick & easy with the wide mouth design. We recommend cleaning your oriole nectar feeders a few times a week, & more frequently in very warm climates.