Perky-Pet offers the world's first 22-feeder port hummingbird feeder in the 2 Foot Perky-Pet Hummer bar! This horizontally hanging hummingbird feeder can serve more hummingbirds at one time than your typical hummingbird feeder. When you hang your Hummer bar, make sure it's level, then fill half-way with Perky-Pet hummingbird nectar. From there, you just need to wait for the hummers to arrive! The patented Hummer bar was built to last and features parts made of shatterproof plastic and rubber. Additionally, each feeder port is spaced just right and will allow all the ports to be used at once! To further attract hummingbirds, the port covers, end caps and hanging cords use the same red color that hummingbirds know means "food." With the 22-port Hummer bar hanging on your porch, you'll have the ultimate in hummingbird technology.