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With a Contoured design for a strong grip and textured to prevent slippage, Highly powerful saw able to cut sheet rock or gypsum wall board. The RockEater with its stiff, sharply pointed blade, easily plunges through drywall and cement board while its push-to-cut design prevents tearing the drywall paper on the exposed side. Chrome-plated to prevent rust.

The Rockeater from Shark is an exceptionally fine drywall saw. Designed for the professional, this saw features diamond-ground teeth for fast, smooth cuts, and a comfortable handle with a wrist strap for convenience. This saw will outlast most drywall saws four to one -- it can even cut cement board.

This knife has a 6-inch blade with seven teeth per inch, plus a super-sharp punching point and an extra stiff blade. The extremely sharp two-way cutting edge teeth are created to pull and push both ways. This versatile hand tool really is a must for anyone doing remodeling or drywall work.