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Looking for a durable, reusable plant label? try gardener's blue ribbon plant labels, which are molded from a bright-white plastic. 50 6-inch labels are included in each package. Every label is pointed on one end for easy ground penetration. Alternatively, each label also has a small hole near the pointed end. Use this hole to attach the label higher up on taller plants. With these labels' sturdy construction, they can be reused every season to identify growing plants. sturdy Plastic These gardener's blue ribbon 6-inch plant labels are made out of thick plastic and will survive multiple seasons. Most plant labels are made of wood, which can grow mildew and stain. Some are even made of paper and wire, which can be destroyed by rain and watering. concerned About losing these labels during stormy weather? just tie to the stem. use Again and again these gardener's blue ribbon labels are meant to be used for years to come, thanks to their durable plastic construction. Write on them with a permanent marker and reuse for the same crops next season and beyond.